Caring for Your Skin Staying Healthy After Chemotherapy Treatment

Chemotherapy treatment is one treatment that is useful for killing cancer cells. But unfortunately, many patients complain because of the side effects of this treatment, one of which is dry skin. Chemotherapy can indeed feel hard to live, especially because of the side effects it causes. This treatment has quite severe effects on the body, including irritation and dry skin that can arise after chemotherapy treatment. Dry skin can indeed interfere, especially in chemotherapy patients, who are generally in a weak condition. However, that does not mean this can not be overcome. Impact of Chemotherapy Treatment on the Skin Chemotherapy treatment is done as a step to combat cancer cells in the body. The time and dose of chemotherapy are determined according to the type of cancer, health conditions, and the stage of cancer experienced. One of the concerns of chemotherapy treatment is the side effects it causes. Some of the side effects of chemotherapy treatment that are often complain
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